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beautiful works.

Award winning design since 2005

- A history of great design and satisfied clients -



Our process to get you into a beautiful home.

At Bueckert Design we have one goal - to provide the most stunning building projects possible for each client. From small houses to large mansions, we are working to push design and construction forward in Saskatchewan.


High end design, renderings and construction ensure each client gets the best service and product possible for their entire project.



Images we make so ideas come to life.

Every project comes to life with our virtual reality treatment. It's a priceless way to experience your project, make changes and revise on the fly. 


We're past the era when you see your building for the first time after it's finished. With our software we can provide a beautiful view of it before you spend a penny on construction. 


Changes in 3D are easy, in real life, they are expensive. See your project completed, before building a thing.



We believe homes should be crafted with care, then overbuilt with longevity in mind.

Attention to the project is essential, a home is the biggest investment in most people's lives.


For these reasons, we choose to build only 2-3 projects per year. This gives each project the time and focus it deserves, as well as ensuring clients receive the best attention possible.


Bueckert Design has been providing creative design to discerning clients since 2005.  Since then we've designed hundreds of houses for our clients.  We've worked on everything from inexpensive tiny houses to multi-million dollar mansions. 


Drawing and designing homes started long before diplomas, certification exams or building homes.


Owner Dustin Bueckert has always had a passion for design. A passion to design houses, layouts and facades that impact and benefit peoples lives.


From an early age, books upon books of paper were used, drawing houses, replicating old castles and inventing new products for better housing. 



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