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Simple process, clear contracts.

A simple contract, setup to promote owner and builder as a team, is the most reassuring way to begin a build.

Research, estimates, discussion and signing are the necessary steps to complete a good construction contract.



Once we've discussed Quality, Schedule, and Cost, we can begin to research the necessary products for our build, as well as the best trades to complete the necessary work.


Once we've done the necessary research for any new products or processes, we can start to accumulate quotes to put together a formal estimate.


When we've completed the design and done the necessary research, we send out drawings and information to trades and suppliers to accumulate quotes on your project.


We get multiple quotes from each discipline to assure you are getting the best pricing - from properly trained professionals. It usually takes 3-5 weeks to gather all the information from suppliers and trades.

Once all the estimates are back, we select the best cost and best trades for your project. This gets put together into a presentation for you and we book a meeting to sit down and go over it together.


We'll meet together to go over the estimate, run through any questions together and provide you with schedule, fixed vs variable costs as well as run over financing options for the project.  



Once we have reviewed the proposal the ball is in your court. Take as much time as you need, ask as many questions as you need. Once you are ready, we'll sign a contract together and get to work on your new home.


A New Home Is On Its Way.


Project management begins from the first time a client calls and continues on past the closing phase of the completed project.


It is one of the most important things to ensure the success...

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