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A history of great design and satisfied clients.

Drawing and designing homes started long before diplomas, certification exams or building homes.


Owner Dustin Bueckert has always had a passion for design. A passion to design houses, layouts and facades that impact and benefit peoples lives. 



From an early age, books upon books of paper were used, drawing houses, replicating old castles and inventing new products for better housing. Since then we've worn out thousands of sheets of paper and dozens of computers on this journey. 


Instead of self drawn graph paper, we've now moved onto world class software, top of the line computers and advanced design theory. All this combines to give that gives clients the best possible product.


Construction runs in the family. Growing up framing houses, dry-walling basements and shingling roofs gave an appreciation for the finer elements of construction and the quality that needs to go into each aspect. 


A diploma in Architectural Technology, Professional Project Management  and thousands of hours in design and construction time give us the experience and training to provide owners  the highest quality experience.


The company has grown to be known for high quality projects, innovative designs and the best client experience possible.  We do everything we can to make projects smooth and enjoyable.  From stunning designs to clear pricing, top quality workmanship to great warranty, we've got you covered.


From the start of the company, we've always had an eye on future of the building world. We were the first company in Saskatchewan to provide 3D virtual designs and continue to provide cutting edge experiences for clients. 

The future of home building will move to higher insulation value homes, better passive solar products and further integration with electronics and digital housing.

Bueckert Design has been on the forefront of putting these products and concepts into houses from the beginning.  The owners own house being setup with Super Insulation, Passive Solar design and wired for flexible technology upgrades. 


These items are high concept, low cost and are simple to incorporate into any structure.

Bueckert Design has been providing creative design to discerning clients since 2005.  Since then we've designed hundreds of houses for our clients.  We've worked on everything from inexpensive tiny houses to multi-million dollar mansions. 

"We look forward to working with you on your project"

- Dustin Bueckert.

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