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Success of a build comes through successful planning and execution.

Project management begins from the first time a client calls and continues on past the closing phase of the completed project. It is one of the most important things to ensure the success of a custom design project.

A poorly managed project can easily go over-budget, over-schedule and ultimately could lead to the failure of a project. Our process begins with great blue-prints, great training, and great software.


Not everything is created equal, the saying holds true for blue-prints too. We have had countless builders and friends come to us to have blue-print quality improved and solve problems with their current drawings.


Improperly placed windows, roofs and doors can lead to thousands of dollars in mistakes. A good set of blue-prints will save thousands of dollars and ensure proper co-ordination of the build. 


Every house is a prototype. Each time we build a house we are building a million dollar prototype that has never been done before. It is important that your project be looked after by a professional trained in project management.


We are certified Project Management Professionals by the Project Management Institute, a global standard in the industry.  

Training ensures that proper order is used, as well being aware of the various methods available of organizing and running a project.  This ensure your project does not fall apart in scheduling and that everything happens in proper order and on time.


A welcomed Holy Grail to the construction industry. Online project management makes communication and co-ordination a fluid process.


Owners can have access to full schedules at any time to see who is supposed to be onsite that day and what work will be accomplished every week. 


Trades get notified by the system via email a week in advance that their block of time is coming. Emails sent the morning of ensure that they are there as well!

Changes are easily tracked, both to materials selected and to costs of the project. Every change in product is approved by the owner digitally, and any changes made to the costs are approved by the owner before changes will be initiated. An example would be an upgrade to a light. 


If we originally had a $500 light for the dining room, and the clients wants to change it to a $1000 light, the system will send out a change request and the owner will need to approve it before it can be changed.



You've made it this far! Well done! We expect that you have a few things on your mind and some ideas that have been percolating. We'd love to sit down over a coffee and chat. 

Get in touch and see if we can do something for you. We would love to bring your dreams to life.

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